2019 - Year of The Core

Keeping with my now 10 year tradition of theming years, I present 2019 as

The Year of The Core

Our lives are filled with ever-present and never ending to-do lists, punctuated by a flurry of forces that compete with our time. Distractions are a fact of life, and now they come in the form of screens, notifications on all the platforms, social media updates, and a constant deluge of news. We're inundated; and many of us are addicted. While our hyper-connectivity has been an incredible force for good in the world, it's also accelerated our pace of life and we remain perpetually plugged into the collective hivemind of humankind. More worrisome is the shrinking amount of time we have to ourselves and for ourselves. Thus, in our rapidly changing and connected world, we run the risk of becoming mere vessels of information absorption and quick reaction. 

Core. The part of a whole that is central to its existence. To me, our cores represent who we are when we're alone and unplugged. It's who we are when time feels timeless and we're left to engage our root interests and passions. Getting to the core involves stripping away the layers of technology, society, and responsibilities that beholden us to everyone but ourselves. Engaging our core requires that we find the mental and physical space that engender the silence and serenity that allow us to be 100% present and in touch with ourselves. Ultimately, investing in our cores is an act of self-guardianship. For things fall apart when the center cannot hold. 

As we journey through 2019, let's plan to be more deliberate about investing in our cores. This includes deliberately scheduling self-care breaks to recharge our batteries, taking time to disconnect from the internet, muting notifications, and tuning out the battle hymn of to do lists, for the calm of a good book or writing session. The goal of The Year of the Core is to build the muscles that tune out the noise of modern society in favor of unapologetically investing in ourselves. In doing so, we build more resilient cores that can not only withstand life's obstacles, but also better take advantage of its opportunities as they arise.

Happy New Years everyone! 

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