Welcome to “One Note at a Time,” a channel for dreamers, artistic solopreneurs, global travelers, foodies and music lovers.

My name is Oliver Caplan and I’m a composer.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and my sleeve is woven of music.  Things that nourish my artistic soul include time in nature, travel, human connection…. and chocolate (dark).

In this space, I’ll share my artist’s view on the world, and chatting with you about topics such as:

What I’m working on, why and how I compose, and where you can listen.

Following big dreams:
The hopes, the doubts, and the interplay between seminal heart-fluttering moments and the less-glamorous nitty gritty of making it all happen.

Journeys to the ends of the earth for a tasty morsel, adventures in my home kitchen, and everything in between.

The joy of exploring the world, places worth your attention, and some tips and tricks on how to make it happen.

Sounds like a lot?  It’s all part of my daily life!  I savor this journey one note at a time and I’m excited to take you with me.