A few of us realized recently that a lot of our friends, family members, lovers, and our selves, felt like we needed a collective hug, a break from news and staying on the grind for careers that were always both closer and farther away each other. We wanted a place to slow down -- and maybe a space where we could introspect.  

Peace and quiet: That had a great ring to it. 

But sometimes the search for peace and quiet can become a way of hiding-- the beginning of a break from the everyday realities that so many face. The things that upset us about the world, we learn to not see; the things that upset us about ourselves, we learn to not remember. 

Down this blind path lies danger: Avoiding the world outside brings with it a different kind of stress, and the very real possibility of an apathetic spiral of depression and isolation.

So we decided to build a place where we can connect on what we have in common, and share stories of what we do not. From common ground, we can reach for higher ground. 

We started by searching for a place, but we never could find it, online or offline.

So we decided to build it together with you: Let's create a beautiful community together. Linked by the common causes of art, joy, creation and curation, you're invited to come re-charge and connect in the South Living Room

Why the "South" Living Room? South-facing rooms are warm places that call to mind the quintessential "sunny" room. These rooms with southern exposure, due to the abundance of evening light, are excellent places to luxuriate, chat, or just chill out, after a long's day work, before turning in to sleep.

Eating, exercising, conversation -- warm sunny rooms bring out the best in everyone. And here in this digital South Living Room, an amazing group of hosts are going to showcase their creations and curations to empower you to live your best lives, more fully and for longer periods of time. In the SLR, we come together in this warm place to absorb and reflect each other's light.

So welcome to the South Living Room, or as we like to call it around here, the SLR! 

Now that you are here, stay a while. Join our mailing list, check out us hosts, peruse our channels, and browse our developing list of peer-to-peer services.

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