Reflections from down the road

We walk through our lives backwards. Too often we have our eyes fixed on the experiences we have already passed, as we go stumbling into unanticipated obstacles heels first. Our mortal selves cannot turn around. We are reliant on our spiritual senses to visualize the clear course through the unseen. Our souls can see what our flesh does not: a path to a future that has already been.

Everything is a metaphor

Well, it seems like updating two times a month is about my speed right now, so I'm just going to embrace that and go with it. All things in cycles, right?

Today's focal thought is one that has popped into my head and made me laugh quite a few times in the last decade: Everything is a metaphor for something else. A glass of water describes optimism. A sunny day expresses happiness. Our minds are homes, climate change is like a fever, and our bodies reflect the entire world.

In things outside of ourselves we see ourselves, and we build the rooms of our mind from the visions we invite to stay. I drew a picture of my mental house once. It's an exciting place: it has a library, a courtyard with a tree, a dedicated A/V room, a work console, an incinerator... And then I lost the map. Fitting, really. I've always felt slightly nuts anyway.

So now, picture with me: a bright light shines inside an infinitely-faceted prism. The light shines through every side, and looks a little different from every angle, but it's the same light. All are facets are equally touched, equally illuminated, one has only to look through.

Photo by  Mark Daynes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash

That is my working metaphor for God.